health tourism

“University of Health Sciences İstanbul Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital” is one of the all-inclusive hospitals in anatolian side of İstanbul. İt was built in 2002 as a public hospital, and had given service as a training and resarch hospital between 2005-2015. İn 2016, our hospital become  “University of Health Sciences İstanbul Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital”. In 2015 a new facility is added to our hospital that was for “gynecology-obstetric and pediatry”. There is also a separate building for oncology.

On a daily average we accept 6500 patients and monthly average we operate 4000 patients.

In this hospital, we also give healthcare service for the foreign patients. Our hospital also include a speciliazed health tourism department so we can inform , help with communication and make sure that they are satisfied with our hospital.

Doctors in our hospital  are all experts in their fields. İn addition to standart departments ,robotic surgery, organ transplant unit, ozone treatment, phytotherapy,
cupping, oncology exist in our hospital.

You can always contact us for any process you want to learn on e-mail( or phone number (0216 650 76 76 - 5100).

Director of robotic surgery:Dr.Uğur BOYLU.pdf

Director of organ transplant unit:Dr. Tolga CANBAK.pdf